Faculty of Regional Development

Department of Regional Development

Department of Regional Development

The Faculty of Regional Development develops future leaders who love and support the Japanese regions with the goal of creating and establishing an identity for these regions, and at the same time revitalizing them by utilizing the theories and practicalities of economics.

Faculty of Psychology and Sociology

Faculty of Human Studies

Department of Human Sciences

This course looks at understanding people from a range of scientific fields, including psychology, sociology and education and opens up opportunities to obtain qualifications as a social researcher.

Department of Clinical Psychology

Further your psychological understanding of people’s minds and behavior and learn the basic skills to assist those with troubles or those experiencing difficulties in life. This course aims to help you better understand yourself and others and nurture the skills necessary to lead a rich life as a productive member of society.

Faculty of Human Studies

Faculty of Human Studies

Department of Education and Human Studies

Teacher Training Course
The teacher training course specializes in the area of education while also focusing on a range of other themes, including the mind, life, ethics, morals, tradition and international understanding.

Higher Education Management Course
Japan’s first course aimed at nurturing professionals to manage educational institutions.

Department of Social Welfare

Learn practical and helpful skills required on the job by social welfare workers and psychiatric welfare workers and study a range of subjects to help address a range of health, medical, welfare, educational, legal issues, etc.

Department of Human Life and Environment Studies

Study fundamental vocabulary and learning methods in learning fields, such as city community, environment and welfare based on the four primary themes of environmental welfare, environmental education, community environment and international environmental issues.

Faculty of Literature

Faculty of Literature

Department of Japanese Literature

Creative learning forum aiming at achieving a balance between and further understanding of skills of expression and cultural elements driven by a greater understanding of Japanese culture through study of Japanese and Japanese literature.

Department of Humanities

Studies of Philosophy and Religion Course
Study the philosophy, beliefs and religion behind the actions of people, society and the world to obtain a more diverse perspective.

Cultural Studies Course
This course aims at achieving a broader and deeper learning of culture and cultural elements. Individual tutoring and smaller classes allow for detailed learning.

Department of History

Japanese History Course
Learn about historical figures and events in Japan’s history by studying Japanese literature through ancient texts etc. in this demonstrative history course that has been around since the founding of the university.

Asian History Course
A comprehensive study of Asian history, with a focus on Chinese history aimed at research into the relationship between history, culture and natural conditions.

Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Studies Course
This course allows study in a broad range of fields by studying a variety of important cultural assets, including buried cultural property, images of Buddha, artifacts and historical records etc.

Faculty of Communication and Culture

Faculty of Communication and Culture

Department of Communication and Culture

Creative Writing Course
Attain skills of expression with a focus on literary production and the art of calligraphy. Master the art creative communication.

Publication and Editorial Course
Acquire the skills required by editorial staff, including how to gather information, powers of observation and creativity and create your own work to experience first-hand the enjoyment of creating something new.

Media Production Course
Learn how to produce video and audio media and a range of production techniques. Study a variety of styles of expression from professionals in the field.

Entertainment Business Course
Entertainment is all about giving people hopes and dreams. This course looks at the management of organizations in the entertainment business.

English Language and Communication Course
This course aims at practical learning to build English proficiency with a focus on English studies, intercultural communication and international careers to prepare you for a career in the international arena.

Faculty of Buddhist Studies

Faculty of Buddhist Studies

Department of Buddhist Studies

Buddhist Studies Course
This course looks at the fundamental knowledge and language of the Buddhist religion with the aim of nurturing personal qualities such as intelligence and sensibility in people so that they can give something back to society.

Buddhist Denominational Studies Course
Learn the fundamentals and practices of four denominations of Buddhism and how to incorporate this spirit into your own being. This course takes a comprehensive and practical look at Buddhism, including doctrines, Buddhist education, history, disciplines/practices, edification, preaching, etc.

International Liberal Studies Course
This course includes a comprehensive English program and also takes a structured and hands-on approach at looking at the traditional culture and art of Japan, Japan’s dress, cuisine and living environments and the lifestyles of people living in Japan. Through these activities, the course fosters cosmopolitans capable of conveying the appeal of Japanese culture to the world.